Marcelo hit the tax break.

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Marcelo hit the tax break.

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El Mundo, the Spanish media, ผลบอลสดhit the news of Marcelo Fullertal Real Madrid is being investigated by the Revenue Department of the bull. It's about the copyright tax on the image.

Marcelo left the good of the Real Madrid giants of the La Liga stage was investigated by the Spanish tax authorities on allegations that he evaded tax, according to El Mongo's media.

By 2015, Marcelo has disclosed his 2013 tax return as a corporate tax. In it, it was stated that he paid a royalty of 350,000 pounds (about 15.75 million).ผลบอลสด

However, the tax agent (AEON) considers it inaccurate because, in fact, Marcelo should be taxed as a personal tax. Not a corporate tax That means that the Brazilian star should actually pay more taxes than this, the 29-year-old Shin players denied this. I'm sure that the tax payer is legal.

Marcelo is the latest player of the La Liga news of tax fraud. Previously, Cristiano Ronaldo's star-studded superstar was sued for £ 13m (about $ 585m) in tax evasion. Barcelona striker Messi has been sentenced to £ 3.5m (£ 157.5m) for tax evasion over the past three years.ผลบอลสด

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