Luis Suárez 29Barcelona / Uruguay

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Luis Suárez 29Barcelona / Uruguay

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The best of the “other” players after a season in ผลบอลสด which at club level he could even make a case to have been better than the “other two”. “When Neymar and Messi play, I try to get out the way,” he said, but on the final day of a league season which had begun with him scoring the only goal, his hat-trick clinched the title. That was appropriate: he got more goals and more assists than ผลบอลสด anyone in Spain in 2015-16. His 40 La Liga goals were more than anyone else has ever scored – apart from Messi and Ronaldo – and it was the first time one of them had not been top scorer in seven years. ผลบอลสด
He scored regularly in the Champions League too and, by mid-December, he was just three short of 100 Barcelona goals.

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