The second and third charges group A triangle

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The second and third charges group A triangle

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The second and third charges group A triangle from the ab initio charge, and Anilata can come to his original location at the end. therefore on dodge the costs safely, move behind Anilata before the attack mu legend zen starts (or primarily get out on the skill's range).

Anilata's shockwave attack together with his steel may also be pretty effective. For this attack, he rams his steel into the bottom and sends out shockwaves. Once again, you're progressing to be capable of tell once it's returning primarily as a result of the bottom can emit purple pillars of sunshine among the trail of the attack, therefore it will not be conjointly onerous to dodge.

Players UN agency square measure too shut might have issue dodging it, therefore it's suggested to maneuver back once not offensive. However, ranged players will dodge the shockwave location and still attack.

Order 2: Defeat nine Monster Waves
Once you enter following destroying the gate, there's progressing to be nine waves of monsters. varied monsters can start with each wave, and in a trial to save lots of time you'll should collect all in one explicit cheap mu legend zen location. The Dark Lord's Taunt talent can most likely be valuable, and each character's AOE skills square measure terribly important.BY here more cheap mu legend zen from us. great!

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