Do not get drunk hard since the baby minus the skin.

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Do not get drunk hard since the baby minus the skin.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugueseผลบอลสด football, opened the door to all success with talent and blessings. By the children. More dedicated than others because of the small. I often secretly leave the hostel at Sporting Lisbon to get fit. And this leads to the greatness of their present.

Cristiano Ronaldo's wing superstar Real Madrid giants of the Spanish La Liga, they often secretly leave the hostel in the youth center Sporting Club Lisbon in the Portuguese league. To get fit at the age of 11, hoping to remove the inferiority of the thin body. And improve the pace to excel.

Captain of the Portuguese national team He is famous for his talent in the game since childhood. ผลบอลสดBut during his growing up, he had to face many difficulties. Since being coached by a coach, the criticism of his shape. They also had to make heavy adjustments after leaving the island of Madera for their honeymoon in the youth center of Sporting.

ผลบอลสด Ronaldo said, "I cry almost every day. I am still in Portugal. It's like moving to another country. Language accents are completely different. Culture is different. I do not know anyone. And it's so lonely. My family tried to visit me about every 4 months. I miss them more every day, which is very painful. "

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