Top 10 greatest Manchester United midfielders of all time

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Top 10 greatest Manchester United midfielders of all time

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A nostalgic walk through the Old Trafford corridors to SBOBET have a look at the greatest United midfielders of all ages.
Since the evolution of football as a sport, English champions Manchester United have made their name as one of the most famous and successful clubs around the globe. From the golden ages to the calamitous dark winds that have blown in and out of the club, Old Trafford has endured it all.

The lush green home of the champions is a well-known fortress in Europe. Many great players have entered through those reddish tunnels and have bowed out as absolute legends. While these giants have stamped their authorities in the shelves of history, their exploits have helped The 'Theatre of Dreams' gain a reputation as a fearsome venue for the adversaries.
Manchester United has been home to some of the greatest midfielders ever to play the game. Out of the countless legends to have donned the famous red shirt of Manchester, here are some of the midfielders who have remained as a bedrock to United's glittering history throughout the ages.
A player who could have been an unparalleled legend, but fell prey to his profane destiny, remains an unfulfilled promise. No tightest corner at the Theatre of Dreams will ever forget the sheer elegance of Big Dunc and his monumental playing style. The most shining jewel that Manchester United flaunted during the Busby Years, Edwards will always remain a sad, yet a beautiful enigma of the doomed Babes. SBOBET

To tell the truth, Duncan Edwards was as if born to be the omnipotent force on a football pitch. Albeit he is remembered as a defensive midfielder, it was a crime to limit him to a single position. SBOBET The world had never seen and shall never see a better versatile player than the boy from Black County.

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