Contest has revealed Wenger's gun control practice, but was turned away.

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Contest has revealed Wenger's gun control practice, but was turned away.

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The secret kept! Antonio Conte, ผลบอลสด the Italian coach, revealed in the beginning of 2015 that he was asked to visit Arsenal's Arsenal FC, but the French coach asked the time. "Cannon" is busy with the competition. In the two before the two teams have a duel in the FA Cup game this Saturday.

Antonio Conte, Chelsea manager of the English Premier League, revealed before the FA Cup Final game with Arsenal at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, May 27. Ever tried to visit Arsene Wenger, consultant "cannon" control team, but was rejected in early 2015.

The "blue lion indigo", who also coached the Italian national team at the time, met with Maurizio Pozzetti at ผลบอลสด the Spurs training ground while also visiting Chelsea and West Ham United. During the short run Conte requested to visit the rehearsal of the "cannon" as well, but to be disappointed.

Conte said, "I was trying to contact Arsenal during my experience in England. When I visited Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham, but at the time, they were very busy and for that reason I could not watch the rehearsal. I watched their home defeat to Monaco in the Champions League, but I did not have the chance to meet Wayne during the rehearsal. I want to do that. But it is not possible. "ผลบอลสด ,

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